Monday, 1 November 2010

Nail polish Stickers

I came across these last year when Topshop were doing a pamper day for charity, when i donated my £5 i got a free facial, my hair done by the James Brown Team and my Make up & nails done. The stickers just get smoothed out on the nail and a blast of heat from the hair dryer helps it stay for almost a week. So as it was halloween and i was going to my first Warehouse Project (info coming up in another post) i decided to make an effort and as i had seen a nail technician do it before i thought i could have a good stab at not making a mess of it. I really like the effect of them and it made my night when i handed my ticket in on entry to the WHP and the girl noticed and told me how great the looked. They are made by Elegant Touch and were on promotion for £5 in Superdrug. Two days later they are still on and looking good so i definitely recommend them.

P.s They have also been advertised in last weeks Look magazine, 'Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps' for £6.50 available on Asos. I have my eye on their leopard print and red polka dot ones :)

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