Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation

Recently I have been wearing the new Bobbi Brown Long-Wear even Finish Foundation. I was so excited when it came out, if you regularly read my blog you will know I have been wearing Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation for a while now and even though I love it I had wished it had a little more coverage and lasted longer though the day, The new Long-wear foundation has answered my prayers!
Still with an SPF 15 and with brilliant shades, even one that matches my pale but warm tone to a tee I don't think I will need to use another foundation again (big statement huh?)
To apply this foundation I roughly put it on my face using my fingers and then blend it in using my Real Techniques Stippling Brush for a flawless finish. It has a lovely Lavender-ish smell much nicer then I have used from Mac and Estee Lauder in the past.
The bottle is lovely made with thick glass and handy pump built in. I am still shade Warm Ivory 1 showing how great they are at matching the right shade to my skin. I especially love that they keep record on their computer system what shade you are so if you forget any of the names of colours you have previously brought from them they have them stored on their database.
I think £30 is reasonable for a high end foundation like this, it's not half as expensive as some and in my eyes is worth every penny for how long it lasts and the coverage it gives.

Have you tried any of the new Bobbi Brown Long-Wear collection? Will you be trying it now? Let me Know.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Perfume Collection

I am a huge perfume fan. I love how it changes your mood and can take you black to certain memories. Even though I love perfume I hate buying it. I think it can be very expensive for some smelly water and will only buy it myself if its particularly cheap in Duty Free other wise I ask for it as gifts etc. 

I currently have 11 perfumes that I have displayed on my book case like below

This perfume is Zara's Violetta. It smells so similar to Stella McCartneys perfumes and was a bargain £10. It is actually running out now but I will be purchasing another. Its a lovely fresh scent that is in a cute bottle and perfect for popping in my handbag

This is Victor & Rolfs Summer FlowerBomb. I picked this up in Duty Free on the way to Benicassim for about £35. It is the bigger bottle so thought it was a bargain.  I always get compilents when I wear this and think I might actually prefer it to the original.

This is Chanel Chance. Its the green one (im pretty sure there are other colours) and smells lovely. My mum and dad brought me this a few years ago when they went on holiday. Im not sure how much it cost but I think it was about £50 as my dad moaned a lot about how expensive it was. Again its a lovely fresh scent that lasts all day. The bottle is a little scratched as its been battered in my handbag. It is on the verge of running out but I am saving up my Boots advantage points to buy a new bottle.

This is Elizabeth Ardens Red Door. This is a really old classic perfume that you can get for under £20 in stores like body care. I hardly ever wear this I just like to spray it on when Im having a day at home or something as it reminds me of little snippets of my childhood. I have a side of my family that live down in Somerset and my Nanna that lives down there wears nothing but this perfume and still does, its definitely her signature scent, so its just a nice inexpensive thing to have that reminds me of times when we used to visit.

  I have always wanted this perfume. It's the most classic and iconic perfume. I purchased this when I went to Paris with university. I had saved up quite a bit for spends when we were visiting Paris and then when I was there nothing really caught my eye (Isn't that the worst!) so I didn't want to waste my Euros and treated myself to this at the airport. I always keep it in the box and only wear it on every special occasions. There are only two occasions I can think I have worn it, on my 21st birthday and on my graduation. 

I love Stella McCartney Perfumes. I had hinted to my boyfriend that I had wanted one for a while (Any I think they all smell gorgeous) and he told his parents to buy it for me as a gift for my 22nd Birthday. It came in a gift set so the body lotion came with it which I love as when Im in work or something I don't need to use my perfume and can just wear the lotion and the smell lasts just as long.

This is the original Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb. It was £44 from Debenhams and unfortunately the bottle is so tiny. This is another perfume I keep in its box and use very sparingly as its so small and expensive. Im not sure if I would repurchase this when I finally use it up, I think ill keep to the summer scent version.

This was one of the first perfumes I have ever brought. It is Alien by Theirry Mugler. I first came across it when I was handed a tester in a shopping centre. I now have the refillable bottle as my parents brought it accidentally in Duty Free but bonus for me as to refill it is a lot cheaper for me. It is such a distinctive smell, its very powerful and only a few sprays will last all day. It is so hard to describe this smell as it is so unusual and unlike nothing else. I think I will always keep purchasing this as I feel it has become a signature scent of mine

This is another perfume I begged my parents to get me from Duty Free when they went on holiday. I hadn't even smelt it but the bottle looks so gorgeous I really wanted it. Again I don't think it was cheap as my Dad had moaned about the price. The scent was actually a bit of a let down and a little bit too floral on the verge of 'Granny' and I was expecting something more Iconic and distinctive like Chanel No5, But it is nice enough to wear from day to day. Im not sure I will purchase this again as the scent isn't my favourite but I will miss the gorgeous bottle on my shelf.

The Abercrombe & Fitch smell is what I picture heaven smelling like. I LOVE IT! It is so expensive to get in the UK due to P+P but my mum and sister had been to New York and they brought this back for me as a gift. Even though its a mens scent I do wear this from time to time and am constantly smelling myself. I do keep it in the box most of the time as I don't want the smell to alter. I have recently brought this for my boyfriend and he now wears it so am lucky to smell it all the time.

Another mans scent I own it this Ultraviolet Man. Its another distinctive mans smell thats just yummy. The bottle is unusual that you squeeze to spray. This is not far from the end but I don't think I will repurchase it as I want to hunt for some new smells and feel like having more then 10 perfumes is a little obsessive so will wait to finish this before buying something else.

What are your favourite perfumes? Do you own any of these? Are there any you can reccommend me?

Thursday, 4 October 2012

iPhone 5

It's here!! My iPhone 5 came last friday and I am in love.
 Im not going to go into all the technical stuff (because I don't really know what im talking about) but in comparison to my iPhone 3G it looks so much nicer, it is thinner and sleeker, the screen is bigger, the camera is so much faster and takes clearer photos and is handy as I can fit more apps on my front screen. The back is aluminum now instead of glass which is great for me as I am so awful for dropping my phone all the time and it still has no scratches.
Now it's just to find a nice case. Im thinking Casetagram or Cath Kidston.

Do you have the iPhone 5 or thinking about it? Can you recommend anywhere that makes nice cases?

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