Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Vintage Fair - Whitworth Gallery

Yesterday i visited The Vintage Fair in The Whitworth Gallery. Due to annoying transport issues i wasnt able to get there until half three and was really disappointed as i knew i would have missed out on soo many great things. Once i got into the gallery i didnt know where to begin so first i made sure i had my camera and took a photo of the room.

As i wandered round  all the vintage clothing I was drawn to the cupcake stand that were displaying their cakes in a chest of drawers, it looked to cute!

Also near the cupcake stand was Le Keux Events doing ladies Hair, Make up & Nails. The artists all looked amazing in their forties inspired outfits.

Le Keux also has a number of flyers advertising their Mad Hatters Tea Party, where guests would take part in a Fascinator workshop during the tea party. It is on the 21st November in the Rose tearooms in Warwickshire, if interested go to their website if interested in tickets to join. They also Hold Pin Up Photo shoots for £99 current dates are on 22nd January in Birmingham and 28th January in London. If interested in holding any Vintage Event they are definitely the ones to get in touch with.

(I Just thought the hats looked cute)

I fell in love with so many pieces at this stand. They are Yellow Squirrel they had Jewellery ranging from £2 for Earring to £35 for necklaces. Due to being a poor student i wasnt able to buy much and i had to drag myself away from the bracelets below. I was desperate to buy the gold bow £12 and loved that they bent around my wrist perfectly but i just had to make do with grabbing their card and hoping that i could get some of their stuff for chirstmas

These bags were a bargain at £2.50!!

 The only purchase i did make was it Historys Attic, i was just wandering past browsing and although it had a handful of ladies already at their stall i saw it over someone's shoulder and i knew i had to have it. Im not even sure what i will wear it with yet but i just couldn't resist!!

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I Blame Coco

Last night i went to a gig in Manchester Academy 3 to watch I Blame Coco, I turned up a bit late as i wasn't feeling well and didn't fancy waiting to see her for ages. I saw a couple of numbers from her support band Kyla La Grange who were pretty good and worth keeping an hear out for their single they are said to be releasing early next year. 
I had seen Coco perform solo at this years Radio 1's big weekend with the amazing Subfocus and also at Leeds festival this year with the rest of her band, but this time she seem completely overwhelmed by the music and the response of her fans in the crowd. Academy 3 is one of the smallest venues in Manchester and the price of the ticket was only £7 ( A Bargain!) It was the perfect gig. I love it when a band is small and the fans are true fans who know the music well and are keen to see a glimpse of the artist they listen to, I tend to begin to resent them when they sell out and start making songs for the mainstream audience and start to get fans that go to the gig just go get hammered and you end up getting beer in your hair and stood next to the idiot who keeps hitting you in the head while he dances around. 

Unfortunately this happened to be with Florence and the Machine, i first saw them supporting Pete Dougherty in The Manchester Academy and loved them instantly. I then followed them online and saw her two years running in Leeds festival in the smallest tents there. She was also at a Diesel party in the London Club Matter and made sure that i was at the front. Her first single 'A Kiss With A Fist' barely made the radar. Then Radio one made her song 'Rabbit Heart'  a huge success. Florence Welch then went on to sing 'You got the Love' (an obvious crowd pleaser) and then she sang with Dizzie Rascal which is the sign of selling out for the money and name in the papers over producing music that her original fans loved. I then went on to see her for the last time and Leeds 2009 in the NME tent, it was packed to the rafters and i had made sure i was there through the act before her to secure my self a good view of her near the front, sadly the fans were no longer the original Florence lovers who fell for her unusual voice and striking lyrics they were there to start a fight and try and get on the big screens either side of the stage. This was the end of my love affair with Florence.....I apologise for going off point (Rant over)

I love her boyish style, she stepped out on stage in a pair of straight legged grey trousers with a Vintage style shirt tucked in (buttoned all the way up obviously) and a small tartan dicky bow, also a grey scarf hung around her shoulders. It was difficult to get a photo of her as she was constantly dancing around and reaching out to fans. I really hope she makes a huge success of her musical talents and can keep from being referred to and 'Stings Daughter'. I found her setlist online and i hope you try and find the time to listen to it.

P.S Remember real music fans look out for one another.

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The UK's BIG Vintage & Fashion Fair

This fashion fair is being held this weekend in Liverpool on the 30th october, The Met Quarter will be home to over 60 stalls selling Vintage clothing, retro jewellery, unique accessories, there will be a Vintage tea party and live music in a huge vintage pop up shop. (You can read about it in The Echo )

This fair is also visiting Manchester on the 13th november, held in the huge Pure nightclub in the Printworks. Model castings are also being held there for a major Manchester fashion show, so make sure you look your best!!

The fairs both open at 9am and last until 6pm and entry is £1. Even if you don't end up purchasing you will see some gorgeous garments and accessories and its the perfect afternoon spent with friends.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A Date for the Diary - 30/10/10

This saturday is the return of The Vintage Fair in Manchester. This season it is being held in The Whitworth Art Gallery on Oxford Road, a bigger venue then past fairs due to it being so popular by vintage fashion lovers. Gallery 3 will be full of affordable vintage fashion from the 1940s - 1980s, reworked, handmade and eco clothing, unique jewellery , yummy cakes and much more from local designers and businesses from Manchester. This year The Vintage Hair Salon will be there transforming you into vintage starlets doing your Hair, Make up & Nails (They recommend that you book to avoid disappointment). If i remember correctly entry was £1 and openings hours are 12pm till 5pm. It is a great opportunity to treat yourself to some one off items for the up and coming party season or to buy gifts for friends & family. 

P.S. Add the group on facebook for more info as they also hold vintage fairs in sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham, Leicester, London & Birmingham.

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Saturday, 23 October 2010


While down in Cardiff for a friends 21st birthday we ended up on a shopping spree. While in Topshop i wandered across a vintage concession stand and ended up buying a gorgeous silk scarf for £8. 

Once i had come home i looked up the website on the tag and there was a link to their facebook page and ebay store. There are now a number of garments i am watching hoping to win including
these tan boot that are currently 99p, Please don't outbid me!!


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Friday, 22 October 2010


I am loving the new street trend of tights with a suspender effect.
I brought mine last christmas from House of Holland for £15 and at first i was shy to show the top of my leg but if worn with a high neck dress in the evenings or with lots of layering on top in the day to prevent from looking like a hooker they can add a bit of edge to any outfit.

P.s. They are now also available in Primark for £1!!

Head Jewels

I have always been in favour of wearing simple outfits that flatter and then accessorising to change the feel of the outfit either big, chunky rings like this Love ring from Topshop £10 or a number of different length necklaces.

Recently I was on a night out in Cardiff wearing a jeweled headband (inpired by Blair Waldorf's Gossip Girl) adding a decorative edge to the part of your body that is photographed the most.

Monday, 4 October 2010

The Runaways

I have had a slight fascination with Kristen Stewart since the Twilight films began. The mystique she brings, keeping her private life extremely private (and dating Robert Pattinson) Last night i watched The Runaways for the first time, it was very good, Dakota Fanning as Cherie Curry perhaps stole the show but my love for Kristen still remains. So while watching the film i was surprised to see that while shopping with my student loan i had brought a Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett ensable. As i am writing this i am wondering if i should maybe be worried about my obsession as the black high waisted jeans are named 'Kristen' the black and white striped top that i had decided to match with my new jeans is cut in the Joan Jett style, as if an inch had been ripped from the bottom so it just meets the top of the high waist of my trousers and no sleeves but with the high neckline. Matched with leather jacket and mullet i would be on my way to a full blown stalker.

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