Monday, 6 February 2012

Statement Ear

I was only allowed to get my ears pierced once I was 17 (A rule my dad had enforced onto me and my sister for an unknown reason), and on my 17th birthday my friend and I, who was also a piercing virgin, held each others hand while we took our first jump into adulthood together. 

 I was never much of a statement earring girl as i always thought it just didn't 'look right' on me, so i always stuck to studs. Then one day last year i saw Kate Moss closing Louis Vuittons show (Smoking!) and with and ear full of piercings I had never realised she had and..... I quite liked it. So instead of wearing Statement Earrings I decided to create a Statement Ear inspired by Kates look.

So after mulling it over for a while (and trying to pluck up the courage) I decided to get my Tragus pierced to celebrate graduating from University in a Tattoo Parlour I was recommended in Aflecks Palace in Manchester.
 Then a few months later on the spur of the moment while Christmas shopping I decided to get my 'Second' pierced in a Claire's Accessories in Chester. The Claire's Accessories solution is what i am still using to keep the Tragus piercing clean as it needs care for almost a year after getting it pierced.

Next on my list is a Cartilage piercing with a ring a la Rosie Huntington- Whiteley. I am thinking of getting it done in Liverpool while staying there with my Boyfriend on Valentines day. Could you recommend a good place to go??

I also noticed today that singer Lana Del Ray is sporting the multiple piercing look on this months cover of Vogue.

And my love still continues for Rooney Mara and her bravery of getting 4 piercings in each ear for the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and their two sequels, you can make out the piercing holes in the photo below.

If you like the look of the 'Statement Ear' but not really keen on the needle Topshop have some fantastic ear accessories this season. My Favourites at the moment are this feather cuff and this Grunge Multi-chain Cuff.

Do you have a 'Statement Ear' or keen to create one? Or have you purchased any funky ear accessories recently? Post me your blog links below i would love to see.

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  1. piercing recommendation ahoy! there's a place called 'quiggins market' by the main shopping area in liverpool, couple of minutes up from lime street station ( if you go in there and take the stairs to the right, following it up you'll see a little piercing place. my friends have all got piercings there and they swear by them - they're really nice (i've accompanied them a couple of times) and are obviously really clean etc. too.

    enjoy liverpool, it's my favourite place in the world. best home.


  2. Did u end up getting it done? I'm a bit obsessed with pierceings and recently took my neck bar out after two years #cris I now need a new one.
    Liz xxx

    1. EEEk no I havnt had it done yet, funny you commented though cuz i was thinking about getting it done on friday x

  3. Great post. A statement ear is a cool idea. Did you get any further piercings including your cartilage? :-) Ciao, Lisian x

  4. I love ear piercings! I have three lobe piercings in each ear and then a helix and rook in my left ear and tragus and conch in my right :) x


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