Friday, 24 February 2012

Ombre Hair

I have always been a red head, it's an auburn shade that changes colour throughout the year and my family have always put me off dying my 'unique' hair colour. However after 21 years of looking in the mirror and seeing the same hair it becomes very tedious. I wanted a way I could have a new hair style without cutting off the hair I have been trying to grow long for years now and without losing my natural colour forever. So when I saw a few of my favourite celebrities with Ombre/dip dyed hair (Having a more natural looking gradual hair colour change is called Ombre hair whereas if its coloured say blue at the end its Dip dyed.)  
I thought it was a good idea as I can leave the dye to grow out or cut it out when I decide to go back Au Natural without having to dye my hair a fake reddish colour.
My sister is the complete opposite and has has dyed her hair every colour under the sun (it is currently bright purple) So it was her I trusted to dye it for the first time. I was so nervous it was going to go wrong or I was going to hate it.

This is what it looked like before any dye.

This is the dye that we used has it has bleach mixed in with the dye so its one easy step, just mixing it all in the bottle and rubbing it into the lower lengths of my hair.

We used the whole bottle to make sure all the hair was evenly covered and it was applied from just below my jaw downwards. I then twisted the dyed hair so I would plod around the house for about 25 minutes while it worked its magic.

Then once washed out this is what it looked like.

I am really happy with the results. I still cant get used to having a different hair colour and I like that I have the choice of going back to my natural hair colour when I want to.

What do you think? Have you Ombred or Dip Dyed your hair?

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  1. It looks great! Although i have crazy hair its been the same for a year or two now, so its kinda boring!

    I LOVE your leopard cardigan! xox

  2. This looks lovely. I really need to pluck up the courage and do it myself haha.

    Laura xoxo

    1. Give it a try, I love the difference its made x

  3. Ok, one... AMAZING chair in first picture. two, I'd love to ombre my hair but I still have tonnes of red lurking in there :( looks lovely xxx

    1. Ha its from a hotel in Manchester. My hair is red, it works as long as you dont go too blonde x

  4. You successfully ombre-d your own hair...excellent! I would be way too scared to do this without a colorist's supervision, but I love the way it turned out. You've got gorgeous hair! I've been thinking along similar lines - ombre looks great and saves so much money otherwise spent touching up highlight re-growth.

    Anyway, lovely blog, just followed, found you on IFB :)


    P.S. went to school in the UK and living in Seattle now...totally jealous of those with access to an actual brick-and-mortar Topshop!

    1. Yeah I like I dont have to look after is too much. Oh did you? I always feel im a little invisible on IFB nice to think people do see my blog on it. Haha Topshop is worth living in the UK for, ive been to the one in New York and its soo much more expensive xx

  5. Would you mind doing a more indepth post on this with lots of photos? I'm the very same with red hair (bit more auburn than yours) and would love a change! My twitter is KaylaK369 if you do decide to go for it, I'd be excited to read it! xx


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