Friday, 18 February 2011

Burberry at Piccadilly Circus

Do Not forget!!
Monday at 4pm Burberry are showing their new A/W 2011 collection on the screens at Piccadilly Circus!!
If you aren't lucky enough to be able to watch it on the 32 meter long screens yourself watch the collection be revealed on a live stream.

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Toms - Have You Got Yours Yet??

I have just returned from a weekend away in New York. I am lucky enough to have been a number of times and LOVE a days shopping spree in Soho. During my visit i purchased my very first pair of Toms! i have wanted a while pair for a while, they are so cute and go with everything. However the pair i ended up purchasing was a black pair with studs all over as i like the rock edge that add to my outfits. I have worn them three times this week, they go with soo much!

(Pardon the red feet, ive just walked back from uni and its cold outside. )
(P.s. like my 99p carpet from Ikea??)

I would recommend a pair to any one, try the link and have a browse they have so many styles. Also they are now running the One for One movement. For every pair of shoes that they sell they give a new pair of shoes to s child in need, so you don't need to feel bad that you have spent £33 on another pair of shoes but happiness that you are helping someone while also treating yourself. Anyway they are an investment.

Celebs in their Toms
(Liv Tyler)

(Kristen Stewart)
(Anne Hathaway)
(Agyness Deyn)

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Grammys '11

There have been so many award ceremonies recently its hard to keep up, plus with some other subjects I have been meaning to blog about this week i'm hoping ill be able to catch up!
Now to the Grammys, here are a few of the dresses i particularly liked.

Heidi and seal make such a glamorous couple. The Julien Macdonald dress is very flattering on her making her look quite thin considering the light reflecting from the gown could make for some bad photographs.

I LOVE THIS DRESS By Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 11 couture collection, it is stunning! The colour is perfect for Nicole Kidmans skin and hair and the fit is super slimming. It's Beautiful.

Wow doesn't Jennifer Hudson look amazing. I love the Versace dress, quite an edgy look for Jennifer who is usually seen in slimming, simple, figure hugging dresses. Paired with some strappy Louboutins its a sexy outfit i bet was turning heads all night.

Here Selima Gomez is wearing a J. Mendal Gown. Fitting her figure perfectly and the colour suits her skin tone beaufifully. Simple and gorgeous.

One of my favourite celebrity couples. Katy Perry and Russell Brand looking playful on the red carpet, not sure I like Russell clean shaven (i have always been a fan of the bearded man) but he looks sharp in a light gray suit. Katy Parry wearing Versace three times over the duration of the evening, including her performance of her new single 'Just like the movies' on a swing with clips of her wedding being shown the background.

Doesn't Dianna Agron look striking. The chic but edgy Vivienne Westwood dress is so simple and fabulous, worn with Jewels from House of Lavande and smokey eyes its a world away from her Glee character Quinn.

Well doesn't Lady Gaga know how to make an entrance, this is her being carried into the Grammys inside an egg.... Oh sorry Vessel

Which then hatches on stage revealing an all singing, all dancing Lady Gaga.

After her performance she changes into a Haus of Gaga leather masterpiece. Weird yet wonderful! 

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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Perfect Valentines Gift on a Budget

Having a lazy afternoon browsing a few of my favourite designer websites imagining what i would buy if i had the money and while on the Mulberry website i came across their Love Blossoms . The digital artist Daniel Brown has created an application that sends an email to your valentine on February the 14th. When they open the email they discover their flower as a seed which they can see bloom into a lovely flower with the Mulberry pattern of your choice as the design. I am hoping i receive one, they are adorable and as they cost nothing, so my valentine has no excuse, i have already began leaving the page open on his laptop for him to see :D

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Sunday, 6 February 2011

New Layout

Hey, what do you think about my new layout? decided to have a little bit of a re-vamp and liked the simplicity of it. Posts to come about LFWE and the NME Tour!!

See You Soon <3

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Never Was The Girl With The Wicked Mind.....

Last december I went to go see Taylor Momsen's band The Pretty Reckless. I love her gothic slut image even though she is considered a bad influence on young teens. I was really impressed with her, when she says she really into rock music and thats always influenced her it really comes across on stage, she isn't a little girl posing on stage thinking she's tough because she has a whole eyeliner pencil around her eyes. She did covers of Oasis and Muse tracks which were great. The rest of the band is made up with three older men, over the age of 35 who know how to play guitar and the drums!! I would urge any rock fan to go, the band music is heavy most of the time and she definitely deserves some credit from the music industry.

I couldn't see her shoes but i like to think she was wearing her infamous hooker heels she had been spotted wearing all through the festival season. She wore a corseted dress with a leather jacket which she soon whipped off. Her iconic long straight hair was whipping around her face and she sang and danced to her songs. 
One odd moment was when a fan thew a note on to the stage asking to come up and they grabbed her, asking how old she was she replied 'im 16' Taylor replies with 'oh thats cool i'm 17'. You totally forget how young this little rocker is when on stage. She may not be a brilliant role model but shes not asking to be. I say cut the young girl some slack and let her walk around dressed like a mini Marie Currie. I love it!!!

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Friday, 4 February 2011

College Fashionista

EEEkkkkk im nervous, i just sent an email to the website collegefashionista to become a new Style Guru representing Manchester Metropolitan University. Luckily my campus Hollings at university is full of fashion students and they all tend to make an effort so i will be spoilt for choice for fashionistas and fashionistos to post about. Hopefully they will think i would make a good style guru and accept me :)
If they dont, check out the website anyway, they have a number of students that blog about the fashion in and around their universities, they also blog about great boutiques and any fashion events in their area, its great! I wish i came across it sooner, you can also follow the Style Gurus on Twitter.

'Style on'

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