Saturday, 5 February 2011

Never Was The Girl With The Wicked Mind.....

Last december I went to go see Taylor Momsen's band The Pretty Reckless. I love her gothic slut image even though she is considered a bad influence on young teens. I was really impressed with her, when she says she really into rock music and thats always influenced her it really comes across on stage, she isn't a little girl posing on stage thinking she's tough because she has a whole eyeliner pencil around her eyes. She did covers of Oasis and Muse tracks which were great. The rest of the band is made up with three older men, over the age of 35 who know how to play guitar and the drums!! I would urge any rock fan to go, the band music is heavy most of the time and she definitely deserves some credit from the music industry.

I couldn't see her shoes but i like to think she was wearing her infamous hooker heels she had been spotted wearing all through the festival season. She wore a corseted dress with a leather jacket which she soon whipped off. Her iconic long straight hair was whipping around her face and she sang and danced to her songs. 
One odd moment was when a fan thew a note on to the stage asking to come up and they grabbed her, asking how old she was she replied 'im 16' Taylor replies with 'oh thats cool i'm 17'. You totally forget how young this little rocker is when on stage. She may not be a brilliant role model but shes not asking to be. I say cut the young girl some slack and let her walk around dressed like a mini Marie Currie. I love it!!!

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