Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Dead Bride

I usually love Lady Gaga wacky designs but i usually like that they have a humorous edge....but there is something about this gothic bride look that i think is a bit too dark! Apparently its in conjunction with her Twitter suicide, where a number of celebrities are boycotting twitter until they raise enough money for Aids. .
I must say the vail looks beautiful, i would hate to imagine the about of work that went into it just to be worn shopping in Chanel

I could never imagine going shopping wearing shoes like that, I have enough trouble keeping my balance in flats

I think what i dont like is how restrictive the catsuit looks I know she has a reputation to keep up but go back to lighthearted like these photos

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Mario Testino to Photograph Kate and Prince William

Mario Testino is to photograph Will and Kates engagement photos.
You know this will be beautiful and I cant wait to see the images, apparently they should be released in about a month.
Also this month Mario has shot another Vogue cover, for the January 2011 edition featuring Keira Knightley.
Here are a number of my favourite photographs.

Burberry 2008

Anna Wintour 

Princess Diana sadly only a month before the died.

Kate Moss

Brad & Angelina

Sienna Miller

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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Romantic Pearls

I had an evening off from doing uni work so decided to have a go at making a new bracelet that i had a design for in my head! It isn't exactly what i wanted as all the beads were the same size but it still looks pretty...What do you think??

I am making jewellery for business An Affair With Scarlett. We are currently trying to make as much jewellery for The Christmas Fair in Manchester's Triangle but once its over we will be filling our website full of lovely goodies for you to buy!If you ever fancy anything being made or a bracelet you like but would like to change the colours just let me know i am sure i can whip up something you will love!!xx

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