Friday, 18 February 2011

Toms - Have You Got Yours Yet??

I have just returned from a weekend away in New York. I am lucky enough to have been a number of times and LOVE a days shopping spree in Soho. During my visit i purchased my very first pair of Toms! i have wanted a while pair for a while, they are so cute and go with everything. However the pair i ended up purchasing was a black pair with studs all over as i like the rock edge that add to my outfits. I have worn them three times this week, they go with soo much!

(Pardon the red feet, ive just walked back from uni and its cold outside. )
(P.s. like my 99p carpet from Ikea??)

I would recommend a pair to any one, try the link and have a browse they have so many styles. Also they are now running the One for One movement. For every pair of shoes that they sell they give a new pair of shoes to s child in need, so you don't need to feel bad that you have spent £33 on another pair of shoes but happiness that you are helping someone while also treating yourself. Anyway they are an investment.

Celebs in their Toms
(Liv Tyler)

(Kristen Stewart)
(Anne Hathaway)
(Agyness Deyn)

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  1. i love TOMS! I just got mine last month. the red ones like the Agyness has :) SO COMFY AND CUTE! I'm pining for the acid gray ones!!


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