Thursday, 23 February 2012

NOTD: War Paint and Stripe & Sparkle

I purchased this Topshop nail varnish last week while shopping in Liverpool. After putting it on I was a little dissapointed as I was hoping for a more burnt Orange colour then the Pinkish shade its like when its painted on. I think for the summer months it will be a colour I will wear more often because of its coral tones but until then I am not the biggest fan of Pink against the dark colours I wear from day to day during the winter.

 I got a little excited by the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Stripe & Sparkle Nail Varish art pen that I forgot to take a photo of my nails before having a little Art Attack (and making a huge mess) on them.
I purchased the art pen in Superdrug. They had a huge stand in the store and I had to stop my self from buying about ten different products I wanted to try out.
I decided on this White art pen thinking it would be cute to add white dots to my nails or experiment with patterns.

Unfortunately I am rubbish. I don't mind the heart or the diagonal tip but everything else I pretty much ruined as I am so heavy handed (Hence why I have hidden my index finger due to a royal mess), I definitely need more practice. I think once I have mastered a pattern ill sprinkle a little glitter on just one of the nails of each hand.

Have you had an experiment with an Art Pen? Do you have a blog post or Vlog on cool nail patterns? Post them underneath I would love to see them.


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P.s I organised my nail varnishes into my Primark box from my shopping trip. I love having them all colour coded and all in one place now. However there are quite a few empty spaces......Think I need to buy some more. Do you have any colour recommendations?

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