Monday, 4 October 2010

The Runaways

I have had a slight fascination with Kristen Stewart since the Twilight films began. The mystique she brings, keeping her private life extremely private (and dating Robert Pattinson) Last night i watched The Runaways for the first time, it was very good, Dakota Fanning as Cherie Curry perhaps stole the show but my love for Kristen still remains. So while watching the film i was surprised to see that while shopping with my student loan i had brought a Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett ensable. As i am writing this i am wondering if i should maybe be worried about my obsession as the black high waisted jeans are named 'Kristen' the black and white striped top that i had decided to match with my new jeans is cut in the Joan Jett style, as if an inch had been ripped from the bottom so it just meets the top of the high waist of my trousers and no sleeves but with the high neckline. Matched with leather jacket and mullet i would be on my way to a full blown stalker.

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