Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Vintage Fair - Whitworth Gallery

Yesterday i visited The Vintage Fair in The Whitworth Gallery. Due to annoying transport issues i wasnt able to get there until half three and was really disappointed as i knew i would have missed out on soo many great things. Once i got into the gallery i didnt know where to begin so first i made sure i had my camera and took a photo of the room.

As i wandered round  all the vintage clothing I was drawn to the cupcake stand that were displaying their cakes in a chest of drawers, it looked to cute!

Also near the cupcake stand was Le Keux Events doing ladies Hair, Make up & Nails. The artists all looked amazing in their forties inspired outfits.

Le Keux also has a number of flyers advertising their Mad Hatters Tea Party, where guests would take part in a Fascinator workshop during the tea party. It is on the 21st November in the Rose tearooms in Warwickshire, if interested go to their website if interested in tickets to join. They also Hold Pin Up Photo shoots for £99 current dates are on 22nd January in Birmingham and 28th January in London. If interested in holding any Vintage Event they are definitely the ones to get in touch with.

(I Just thought the hats looked cute)

I fell in love with so many pieces at this stand. They are Yellow Squirrel they had Jewellery ranging from £2 for Earring to £35 for necklaces. Due to being a poor student i wasnt able to buy much and i had to drag myself away from the bracelets below. I was desperate to buy the gold bow £12 and loved that they bent around my wrist perfectly but i just had to make do with grabbing their card and hoping that i could get some of their stuff for chirstmas

These bags were a bargain at £2.50!!

 The only purchase i did make was it Historys Attic, i was just wandering past browsing and although it had a handful of ladies already at their stall i saw it over someone's shoulder and i knew i had to have it. Im not even sure what i will wear it with yet but i just couldn't resist!!

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