Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Lanvin for H&M

oI am soooo excited for this collection. Last year me and one of my best friends stood in the Manchester H&M store for 4 hours to get out hands on the Jimmy Choo collection, coming out very successful with a pair of shoes, handbag and a bracelet. The shoes I brought were the pair on the top right, I love them and still have never worn them as the sole is pure leather and I need to get them re-soled so they don't get ruined and begin to go misshapen (something I have still never got round to doing sadly)

Ive just seen the Lanvin collection on Vogue.com shows an AMAZING dress form £150 and it is guaranteed to fly off the shelves. The collection is beautiful one. I think i need to find a new buddy that will wait in line with me all day as my equally fashion obsessed friend is about to have a baby. The collection hits the shops on the 23rd November, Any Volunteers??

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