Sunday, 7 November 2010

Jewellery Classes

On friday i went to my first Jewellery Class in The Bead Shop in Aflecks Palace. I have to learn how to make jewellery properly as for my dissertation we have to make a business, and as jewellery has always been an interests of mine, me and 3 other girls have got together to create handmade vintage inspired jewellery. I will be making another blog dedicated to our business which is called An Affair With Scarlett, ill give you the link when we have pieces worth showing you. 
I went with my friend Laura and when we arrived we were taken into a cute little room with a desk. On the desk were mats with all the little bits and bobs that we would need to make a necklace and pair of earrings. Little bowls of different beads were dotted all around the table that Emily Kersh our teacher had set out. 
Step by Step she showed us how to make clasps, secure beads into place all leading to the final piece, here is mine halfway though.
After making the necklace we were shown how to create drop earrings, When leaving they gave us a small bag to keep your jewellery in, a 10% discount card to use in The Bead Shop and a booklet showing the steps used in class. It was £10 for the 2 hour class and it was great. There were other lovely ladies and everyone had a laugh, complementing each others designs and helping each other out. I would definitely recommend it. Hopefully i will be attending their Romantic Charm Bracelet class. Here are our finished pieces.

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