Friday, 14 September 2012

Topshop Highlighter and Lipstick

I have wanted a highlighter for so long. When in Barcelona I searched so many Sephoras and Department stores searching for Nars Albatross as it seemed that it is the holy grail of highlighters in the beauty world, however it was sold out......... EVERYWHERE. 
Now I am currently too poor to purchase such an expensive make up item so when I saw this Highlighter in Topshop I was so excited, I had seen Kate from Gh0stParties mention this highlighter before in a YouTube video and every other time I had been shopping it was sold out.

The highlighter was £10 and when you swipe your finger it is so highly pigmented its lovely. Its perfect  for in the day as just a sweep across the top of my cheekbones but when I am on a night out its easy to build up into a lovely glow.

I also purchased A Topshop lipstick in Inhibition a deep purple colour. It was £8 and quite a daring shade but I just fancied something a bit different and I am so glad I tried it. Its so pigmented it goes on so easily and doesn't look cakey or cheap. Its lovely and creamy and stays put so well it hardly needs topping up.

You can see me wearing this lipstick in my Brave Soul Blogging Event post, showing even though its a risqué colour its not too harsh or difficult to wear. I can see this being my go to lipstick for this A/W, perfect for the plum lip trend.

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  1. That highlighter is really pretty! I'll have a look nxt time I'm in Topshop not bought any of their make up yet. Thank you for posting! xx

  2. I like the brightness of the highlighter, my Bourjois one just doesn't cut it really as it is a bit...faint? I prefer something bright like this Topshop one cause at least you can blend it if it goes on too harshly.

    Thanks for the post x

  3. I've been meaning to pick up a topshop lipstick for a while now after hearing so much about the quality of them! This shade looks gorgeous on you :) xx

  4. I love a good Topshop makeup haul! Their products are so good and I adore the packaging.
    I really want to try that highlighter, keep seeing it floating around blog land but it's never in-store when I go in either!
    Mel x

  5. This lipstick colour is gorgeous!! x

  6. OMG that lipstick looks divine!I'm still yet to try any topshop make up! Followed you from the #bblogger chat!
    Love Lilla x
    My Blog - Lilla Loves

  7. I only recently strarted using a highlighter and I will never go back to not using one. Let us know how this ones goes!

  8. I so badly want this highlighter!! Great blog :) x
    Lola & Behold


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