Friday, 8 March 2013

How I Store My Make Up

 I was so excited when I came across these drawer dividers in Home Bargains. I had been searching all kinds of stores from B&Q to Muji for something that was adjustable and that I could put together myself. 

For £2.99 for 3 strips of dividers which you can snap to the length you want and little slits so that they lock together, they are an amazing deal. 

The main drawer in my dressing table had all my make up thrown in, so organising it all made me very excited indeed!  The end result now looks like this, every thing now has a place and when sections are full there is a one in, one out policy to help me control my spending. 

I recently brought some more dividers to separate my underwear inspired by Mrs. Thrifty's post and was then thinking about doing it for my jewellery, this may become an organisation obsession!!

I love reading make up storage posts, so I hope you enjoy how i've stored mine, if you have one please link it below in the comments I would love to see. 

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  1. Ah, these look so great! I'm struggling with storage full stop at the moment so will definitely keep my eyes peeled for these :)

    Sam xx

  2. Really like it, I want to organise mine really nicely. At the moment I'm using old plastic tubs, like the kind you get grapes in, as 'drawer dividers' :( x

  3. your dressing table is gorgeous. x

  4. Great post, I love your make up! Lovely blog found you on #lbloggers chat.

  5. These are exactly what I need, lifesaver! x

  6. Ohhh, these look brilliant!


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