Thursday, 5 April 2012

Benefit Boing Concealer

I had first brought Benefits Boing Concealer two years ago from a Sephora in Paris. I had read about it on a few blogs and thought I would give it a shot, even though I thought it was a good product afterwards my curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to experiment with a few more concelers.
Well I have now realised...... This is the best!
It is now a firm staple in my make up bag that I cant imagine living without. The shade I wear is 02 and its lovely and creamy and very easy to blend. It hides my dark circles with one swipe of my finger and disguises any blemishes I may have.
Benefit packages are always so cute and its the perfect size to pop into my handbag if I need it with me for the day. I would always recommend this concealer, particularly to anybody who has dark circles under their eyes like myself.

Have you ever used this colcealer? Is there one that you cant live without?

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  1. I agree I definitely think this is the best, love this concealer x

  2. I love the brand as well and the packaging is soooo cute. I found your lovely blog in my IFB group and I am now following. Stop by and follow back if you like wjat you see :)

  3. I have just bought Benefit's Erase paste, I like it so far but I think I will definitely try this next :)

    Love, Rachel

  4. Oo might give this a try I have the erase paste which is good :) x


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