Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sunday Viewing - Rooney Mara

Happy New Year Everybody, Hope you all had a fantastic night last night and are now suffering with hangovers you worry might last the rest of 2012.

This Sunday Viewing is dedicated to Rooney Mara, the star of the recent blockbuster The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I was astounded when i first saw her transformation for the film which intrigued me to watch it. The film is amazing, I urge anyone to go see it. Yes there are some upsetting/disturbing moments as it is an 18 certificate but just cover your eyes with your hand as i did and they pass quite quickly.

I think i am hypnotised by Rooney Maras face, whenever i see a Before and After photo i can't help but just stare, i cant comprehend her transformation from this....

To This....

Even though i am a huge fan of Kristen Stewart, rumored to play the part, I cannot imagine a more perfect actor to play Lisbeth Salander. And kudos to her for getting 12 new piercings for the role inc. Four in each ear, her eyebrow, lip, nose and nipple.

On where to put the piercings Director David Fincher was quoted saying..

“Rooney’s a beautiful girl,” says Fincher. “She can look like Audrey Hepburn—but she can also look like a boy. So we’d decide where we wanted to put the stud through her eyebrow by asking, ‘Where is it going to be most in the way? Where is the most distracting place?’ ” Also, he adds, “We had to be really sure that the nipple piercing was in the place where it was going to catch the light.”

Have you read the Millenium Trilogy? Do you think Rooney Mara was the right choice to play Lisbeth?

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