Sunday, 6 March 2011

London Fashion Weekend

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now, im not sure why it has taken me so long, but here it is....

Last september i was lucky enough to be able to work at London Fashion Weekend, i was so nervous having to stay in London on my own for a week and was so on edge the whole time when alone in my hotel room, but now when i look back on it i had a really good time, met some lovely people and would love to do it again. Unfortunately i had too much university work to be able to work at the February Fashion Weekend thats just passed, but i hope to be able to work at the one coming up on September. I recommend any fashion lover to attend the weekend, you get to go shopping all afternoon around designer stands, watch a catwalk show with a goodie bag and relax at yummy restaurants and champagne bars.
I had the great opportunity to go to the menswear day of London Fashion Week. Wow the clothes the visitors were amazing. I was so nervous to ask for pictures incase i was being naive and asking some billionaire designer for their picture to go on a blog that at the time didn't even exist. I only managed to plug up the courage to ask for three pictures.
( Love the shorts)

(Even though this guy looks too cool for school, his manners were appalling)

(More on this milliner in another post)

I was in-charge of helping designers set up their stands in a wing of Somerset house. Juicy Couture, Elizabeth Lau, House of Harlow and Les Nereides were a few of the designers i had the pleasure of helping out. 
I was really excited when the weekend opened to the public because even though it was my first time working at the Fashion Weekend they trusted me enough with my own information desk. Each helper was treated to be able to go and watch the catwalk show. The designers being showcased were BodyAmr and Ashley Isham and the collections were beautiful. They all had amazing structure and are designs for real women.

(Apologies for the awful quality photos, i only had my iPhone and the lighting was so strong)

 One of the models I was really excited to meet was Jade McSorley. I had bumped into her while walking to Somerset House and acted like a stalker fan asking so many questions about Britains Next Top Model. She was so lovely, i also love that even though she was one of the shortest models to be on BNTM she is now really successful. If you cant put the name to the face this is a photograph from one of her photoshoots.

I became really good friends with the security around Somerset House and i was so happy when one of the ladies went and got me the official London Fashion Week goodie bag designed by Mulberry, it is now one of my post prized possessions. I gave all the goodies inside to my mum for her birthday including some posh chocolate and coffee.

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